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von Bismarck's 28-Great Grandfather. Marriage* circa 745, he married. Adelindis (-) circa 745 at Thurgovie, France. 627?) or: Ansaud de saint trevis OR: poss. Count Guerin Thurgovie 26,162 Records view all, count Count Guerin Hesbaye Count de Thurgovie's Timeline. Join the world's largest family tree. Married - - Narbonne, Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. Sigrade d' alsace / or: Hilda (Clothilde) / - Robert (Count) de hesbaye (700? 255,x, / - Garnier (Erchinoald) I of burgundy / - (NN; Leuthar?) of burgundy ? 723    Died:  772.       Agnes Harris's 29-Great Half-Uncle. Aka Warin II de gatinais. Genealogy Directory: close, by using Geni you agree to our use of cookies as identifiers and for other features of the site as described on our. ?) or: (NN 1st wife - poss.

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750) or: prob. Leutharius of metz 255,x, / OR: prob. Death* 772, count Guerin of Thurgovie died in 772 at Thurgovie, France. By continuing you accept our, terms of Use and, privacy Policy. Gender, male Female, first Name, last Name, email never shared, never spammed. Not Liutvin of treves 193,qd, / - Bodilon de treves - prob. Ansbertus Gallo. President hayes's 27-Great Half-Uncle. 91   Jamie. Event Map, all, pDF, event Map, died - 20 May 772 - Narbonne, Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. Birth* circa 725, he was born circa 725 at Thurgovie, France. Osawatomie' Brown's 28-Great Grandfather.

triosexlove com thurgovie

- Ancestry HM George I s 24-Great Half-Uncle. HRE Ferdinand I s 22-Great Half-Uncle. HRE Charles VI s 26-Great Half-Uncle. President hayes s 27-Great Half-Uncle. This is a bio of Guerin Count. Count Count Guerin Hesbaye Count Thurgovie (c.725 Ancestry of DeWolf Melvin Stanley Thurgovie s life with Guerin s family history and photos. Thurgovie was born around 725. Thurgovie died on May 20, 772. Thurgovie, Guerin Count Warin II de Hesbaye. 723 Thurgau, Switzerland.

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768) His (poss.) Grandchildren: Alberic de narbonne ; Aubri the Burgundian' (Count) of fezensac ; Guerin V (Count) of chalon ; Eigilewi (Heilwig Hedwig) of saxony ; Hunfrid (Hunfridus Hunfred Hunfried) (Count) of istria Start FabPed Genealogy Vers. 255,xY, or: Ansbert of cologne oR: poss. Born:  abt.       Poss. . FRnumber count Guerin of Thurgovie was FRnumber; 4942. Leutharius' wife) / - Guerin (Warin Warinus) (Count) de poitiers / - Ansaud de dijon 255,x, - Sigrade (Sigrada Sigree) of soissons ? HM George I's 24-Great Half-Uncle. Not Rotbert II of longobards alt ped 255,x, - Guerin (Count) von thurgovie (thurgau) / - Adelheim (Count) of wormgau - Williswint (Heiress) of wormsgau (708? Not Lambert von hornbach,.v. The pedigree of, guerin (Count) von thurgovie (thurgau) de hesbaye; prob.       HRE Ferdinand I's 22-Great Half-Uncle. (Miss) de meaux 255,x, / or: prob. 677?) / - Doda (Clothilde) of OLD saxony 255,x, - Kunza (Gunza Gunzia) de metz (630? Home, login, bookmark, personal Information, media.       HRE Charles VI's 26-Great Half-Uncle.

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